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Scribe duty is expected to be carried by all WG members in turn. This document lists the participants who are next to scribe, those who already scribed and when and those who requested to be excused from this duty (typically due to language barrier).

The working group will endeavor to select scribes from the top of the list at each meeting. To increase the odds of finding someone quickly, the primary candidate will be taken from the top list (not scribed yet), and an alternate candidate will be selected from the second list. The chair however reserves the right to select differently in recognition of special circumstances.


Scribes will adhere to Scribe 101 and Common Scribe Manual where they will annotate what is said on the teleconference into IRC. Make a note on useful commands such as "proposed" "resolved" "action" and "topic" and make use of them when appropriate.

After the conference call, scribes will open up the minutes generated by the bot which are located at a URL such as,text where the date (in this case 2014/08/26) is the date of the conference call. The scribe will create a wikipage for the minutes based off of Socialwg/2014-09-02-minutes. Copy and paste that wiki page and replace the relevant sections with the ones from the text file.

Scribe List

People who haven't scribed yet:

Participant Ever joined a call?
Antonio Tapiador
Claudio Venezia
Doug Schepers Yes
Fabio Luciano Mondin
Jaakko Korhonen
John Mertic
Jonathan Jeon
Kat Mandelstein
Laurent Walter Goix
Matthew Marum Yes
Renato Iannella
Tantek Çelik Yes
Thomas Morris Yes
Wendy Seltzer
Dan Romascanu Yes
Bret Comes Yes
Bill Looby Yes

People who scribed:

Participant Last scribed
Henry Story (bblfish) 2014.08.05
Andrei Sambra (deiu) 2014.08.12
Sandro Hawke 2014.09.09
Andreas Kuckartz 2014.09.16
James Tauber 2014.09.23
Owen Shepherd 2014.09.30
Jessica Tallon (tsyesika) 2014.10.14
Adam Boyet 2014.10.21
Ann Bassetti 2014.10.27
Harry Halpin 2014.11.25, 2014.07.29
Shane Hudson 2014.11.25
elf Pavlik 2015.01.20, 2014.11.04
Erik Wilde 2015.02.10
James Snell 2015.03.03
Aaron Parecki 2015.03.10, 2015.02.24, 2015.02.03, 2014.12.16, 2014.12.09, 2014.08.19
Ann Bassetti 2015.03.10, 2015.01.13, 2014.10.27
Chris Webber 2015.03.24, 2015.02.17, 2014.11.18, 2014.10.07
Evan Prodromo 2015.03.31, 2014.12.16, 2014.12.09
Amy Guy (rhiaro) 2015.04.07, 2014.12.02, 2014.08.26
David Wilkinson (wilkie) 2015.04.14, 2015.03.31, 2015.01.27, 2014.11.11, 2014.09.02