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Transition Request

This is a transition request to Candidate Recommendation.

Document title, URIs, and estimated publication date

The document Abstract and Status sections


Linked Data Notifications is a protocol that describes how servers (receivers) can have messages pushed to them by applications (senders), as well as how other applications (consumers) may retrieve those messages. Any resource can advertise a receiving endpoint (Inbox) for the messages. Messages are expressed in RDF, and can contain any data.


  • Standard Respec

Decision to request transition



Requirements satisfied

No requirements document.

Dependencies met (or not)

  • Normative References are all W3C Rec or RFC.
  • Horizontal review feedback that raised issues which have been addressed

Issues addressed

See issue tags and history

Formal Objections


Wide Review

Security & Privacy

i18n tracks i18n related issues. As of 2016-10-11, 4 issues were raised by the i18n team, 1 closed, 3 are addressed and 'waiting for commenter' feedback.

Self-review on (developing-specs checklist):

  • Language basics
    • Payload contents are left to implementor discretion, so associating languages overall or inline is described by the specs for the chosen syntax or vocabulary.
  • Defining language values - n/a
  • Declaring language at the resource level - n/a
  • Establishing the language of a content block - n/a
  • Establishing the language of inline runs - n/a
  • Text Direction basics
    • See language basics
  • Background information - n/a
  • Handling direction in markup - n/a
  • Choosing a definition of 'character' - n/a
  • Defining a Reference Processing Model
  • Including and excluding character ranges
  • Using the Private Use Area
  • Choosing character encodings
  • Identifying character encodings
  • Designing character escapes
  • Storing text
  • Specifying sort and search functionality
  • Defining 'string'
  • Indexing strings
  • Referencing the Unicode Standard
  • Typographic support
    • The spec defines an underlying protocol for moving data, rather than the user interfaces or interactions on the data, so this is n/a.
  • Local dates, times and formats
    • mostly n/a re: payload, but maybe we should add a note about notifications containing date information containing appropriate timezone stuff etc?
  • Markup - Defining elements and attributes - n/a
  • Defining resource identifiers
    • Receivers are in charge of generating URLs for new notifications, not sure if we need to mention IRIs?
  • Providing for content negotiation based on language
  • Plain text support - n/a
  • ​Identifiers should be case-sensitive.
  • [ Request for review]


Web Annotation

Issues and input

Since coming to W3C, 46 issues on github have been opened by (or on behalf of) or commented on by 21 different people outside of the WG).

Announcements to relevant communities:

  • Web Annotations WG
  • public-lod
  • semantic-web
  • public-rww
  • public-ldpnext
  • public-annotation
  • public-ldp
  • public-vocabs

Discussion and presentation outside of the WG:


Some of these implementations are tested or known to work per spec. However, they haven't gone through the official tests suite yet (as of 2016-10-18, pending the tests suite itself). Implementation reports will follow. Refer to for most up to date version of this list.

By editors:

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