Socialwg/Github Process

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Social Web WG Github workflow process

Best practices

Issue Labels

Editors: Use the Issue labels on your specs.

Keep Issues Focused

  • One specific issue per issue. Cooperate in creating new individual issues if multiple crop up in a single thread, and staying on topic. If a new thought occurs to you whilst writing a reply, you are empowered to stop typing, and open a new issue instead.
    • If there are tangential issues it's the burden/responsibility of the person who raised them to open the new issues.
  • Practical constructive issues. Discussions are practically focused, ideally implementation-driven, with the express goal of driving rather than halting progress.
  • Alternatives belong elsewhere. If you're interested in halting progress on a particular spec, the most civilised way to do this is to propose an alternative spec. If you're not interested in being civilised, your comments may not be well-received by others.

Resolving Issues

  • Issues should only be closed with apparent consensus of the participants. If consensus cannot be reached, it is elevated to a WG telecon, and then closed with consensus of the Working Group.


  • Owner privileges on the whole w3c-social org are given to chairs and staff contact(s).
  • Owner privileges are extended to editors for their specific repos.
    • Repos may be under the editor's own github account, the w3c-social org, or the w3c org for mature (CR or CR-ready) drafts.


If violations of this process or best practices are causing problems, please contact