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tl;dr Labels to use in GitHub issues

Issue Labels

This use of GitHub issue labels was developed by the Social Web Working Group, however is generic enough for any W3C group to consider using to help facilitate W3C processes: W3C follows processes that promote the development of high-quality standards based on the consensus of the Membership, Team, and public. W3C processes promote fairness, responsiveness, and progress: all facets of the W3C mission.

Labels List and Descriptions

See: Colored list of labels

Labels for closed issues to support W3C Process

  • Commenter Not Satisfied -- Some commenters want to be on the record as unsatisfied
  • Commenter Satisfied -- Includes satisfied with our handling of the issue; does not require they actually like the outcome
  • Commenter Timeout (assuming satisfied) -- Commenter is unresponsive and has not indicated satisfied of not

Labels for closed issues to support future work

  • Postponed (revisit in future effort) -- Typically the next WG will use these as a starting point for discussion, and it often helps close an issue with Commenter Satisfied

Labels for Group Agenda/Decision Planning

  • Editorial (would not change implementations) -- no need for WG involvement
  • Needs Group Input/Decision -- waiting for WG to help resolve this issue
  • Needs Process Help -- flags concerns that aren't directly about the spec, but rather about larger concerns, probably requiring management help

Labels to help clarify what's going on

  • Waiting for Commenter -- helps folks know how it's blocked
  • Needs Volunteer -- (Less-Needed: mostly optimistically retaining and renaming github's "help wanted")


Remove github default labels:

  • bug -- not very helpful for a spec; is it editorial, etc
  • duplicate -- doesn't reduce need to address it
  • enhancement -- not clear how this is helpful for a spec
  • help wanted -- vague, renamed (with same color) as Waiting For Help
  • invalid -- not sufficiently polite
  • question -- doesn't reduce need to address it; does the spec need to change to answer this question? Or is it "Process/Community"?
  • wontfix -- not sufficiently polite

How To copy to your repo see:

JSON with colors

   "name": "Commenter Not Satisfied",
   "color": "eb6420"
   "name": "Commenter Satisfied",
   "color": "bfe5bf"
   "name": "Timeout (assuming satisfied)",
   "color": "fef2c0"
   "name": "Editorial (would not change implementations)",
   "color": "006b75"
   "name": "Needs Group Input/Decision",
   "color": "0052cc"
   "name": "Needs Process Help",
   "color": "5319e7"
   "name": "Needs Volunteer",
   "color": "009800"
   "name": "Postponed (revisit in future effort)",
   "color": "cccccc"
   "name": "Waiting for Commenter",
   "color": "fbca04"


The original, larger list can be found at

This list was shortened and compressed at the SocialWG F2F in March 2016 (Minutes continued )

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