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Telcon info


Discussion topics:

  • Review/approve past telcon minutes:
  • Moving to Summer Schedule? August telecon dates?
  • FYI: For CR to PR items below, ask these questions:
    • test suite and implementation coverage ETA? (2+ publishers/consumers, clients/servers)
    • any new issues needing group discussion or changes?
    • editorial or normative changes?
    • publish updated CRs?
  • ActivityPub - Chris - test suite update
  • WebSub - Aaron, Julien - implementation report update, how many impls, non-editor, outside WG etc.
  • JF2 - Ben Roberts - implementation status update
  • Post Type Discovery - Tantek - issues, iteration (new WD?)
  • Any other Socialwg/DocumentStatus
  • Social Web Incubator Community Group (SWICG) update (aaronpk, cwebber)
  • Bridging IndieWeb and ActivityPub - ajordan
  • ... add new items one by one immediately before this one, and leave this here.
  • AOB
  • trackbot, end meeting

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