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socialwg Informal Editors' Teleconf 2016-08-09

Tuesdays at 10am US/Pacific, 1pm US/Eastern time for 60 minutes

WebEx phone number: +1-617-324-0000 There is a meeting number: 642 112 960

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  • Chair: Amy


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Discussion Items



annbass, rhiaro, cwebber, csarven, sandro, KevinMarks

LDN and AP alignment

cwebber read LDN stuff .. has questions

if translating between Activity Pub and LDN, then all seems fine

with JSON-LD and Activity Streams .. should be pretty easy

1. what do we think re: inbox .. could we share that between the two of them?

even though they don't apply to LDN?

rhiaro: we have small stumbling block with W3C namespace policy .. working on
... 1. we could get this added to LDP .. you could alias your inbox to ours
... 90% sure that should be OK
... 2. OR .. (early to think about) .. IF W3C namespace policy gets updated to allow <something> .. then maybe Activity Pub terms could be added to AS2 namespace

cwebber: yes, that'd simplify a lot of things for us

rhiaro: Sandro -- how likely is this to happen?
... we don't need a hardcore resolution quite yet .. maybe by end of Sept

sandro: not sure I can say anything now
... assuming someone could amend the policy .. then, does anyone have any issues with using the AS2 namespace

rhiaro: in any case we could use alias for LDP
... therefore they will converge

cwebber: I forgot to mention .. the way the inbox is discovered is diff
... I'd be fine in my implementation to support both ways ...

(maybe cwebber can document the 2 ways)

rhiaro: actually, LDN says there are 2 ways to discover inbox .. if 1st way fails, then you have to do the 2nd way

cwebber: I thought it did specify order


rhiaro: yes, we changed that in updated version

<csarven> "These may be carried out in either order, but if the first fails to result in an Inbox the second MUST be tried."

cwebber: oh, ok

rhiaro: I guess we need to make that clearer

csarven: is there an issue where the receiver announces a header, but it's only found in body? (not sure I got that correctly)

rhiaro: <explains yes, and how it workds>

cwebber: makes sense
... you specify a 201 be returned to confirm, we should add that to AP

rhiaro: yes, although what's in the notification, is a black box
... LDN lets you send just whatever is relevant to what you're doing
... I've written, but not typed up, how I see this working
... what I'm trying to do, is make it easy enough that AP could use the LDN stuff to do XYZ

cwebber: that is, strip down ASub and use LDN for those processes?

rhiaro: yes

cwebber: hmm, I need to talk with tsyesika and evan .. to make sure there aren't unexpected glitches

rhiaro: of course

cwebber: let's sketch this out next week, when you come visit ... interesting idea; I hadn't thought about it
... let's sketch it out together, and then take it to evan and tsyesika to see if it's feasible

rhiaro: this is part of the idea re: modularization
... AP doesn't have to do <XYZ>..

cwebber: a potential sticky issue, but probly not a blocker...
... modularizing these functions, might fracture <something>
... want to keep it "clean"

rhiaro: yes, I agree
... part of what Social Web Protocols will do is sketch out how the whole system will look
... and one can pick and chooset the pieces

cwebber: cool; I certainly think it's interesting. Not totally sold, but I'm close

rhiaro: great; it'll probably help if I write up my other notes

cwebber: that's it for me; for what I'd written down... anything else to discuss


cwebber: do you get the whole container all at once, or do you get a stream?

rhiaro: trying to find the balance on how to specify that ... I think we have an issue on that

<someone> : does AP address that?

cwebber: uses AS2 version of things, but I guess that's an omission in our spec

rhiaro: Web annotations protocol, uses AS paging
... in order to plug into annotations directly

<melvster> seeAlso: "A new HTTP response code say 209"


rhiaro: all the points of alignment are listed in Issue 36

<melvster> "You asked for a large thing, this is the first page of it. See Proposal [1]"

rhiaro: be sure to add or discuss
... I think we've covered the main stuff


rhiaro: next week I'm taking a small trip to visit cwebber, where we can hack on stuff and see if it actually works

csarven: are we OK with the MIME type?

<discussion about options>

cwebber: need to talk with evan and tsyesika, but doesn't seem like a big deal

<csarven> ATM:


cwebber: how about if we both file an issue on that, but make the point that we both agreed on this call!

rhiaro: great! anythign else?
... let's get to work then

cwebber: great call! see you next week, Amy

trackbot, end meeting

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