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This f2f meeting has been canceled as of Socialwg/2015-09-08 telcon due to lack of attendance commitments from WG members.

HOWEVER, members of the Social Web WG participating in TPAC did hold an informal Social Web breakout session during TPAC day (the day before this f2f was originally scheduled):


The Social Web WG's fourth face to face meeting was to be held at TPAC2015, in Sapporo, Japan




  1. Arnaud Le Hors
  2. Tantek
  3. Amy
  4. Sarven
  5. AnnB (hoping to get travel approval!)
  6. <your name here>


  1. Harry (depends on W3C travel request)
  2. Sandro (if there's critical mass; also don't want to miss Halloween)
  3. Aaron (still trying to get travel approval/funding)

Observer Requests

  • Alex Russell (Google)
  • Rob Sanderson (Stanford / Annotation WG)

Remote Participants

People who cannot attend the meeting should be able to participate via phone. It is expected that the meeting room will have a phone and we will be using IRC like on any weekly calls (#social).

It would be useful to have a list of people who plan to participate in such a way so we can request an appropriate amount of telephone ports. Please, add your name to this list:

  1. Christopher Allan Webber
  2. elf Pavlik
  3. Benjamin Roberts (will participate as much as possible given the timezone difference)
  4. James Snell

We planned to use:

Because of limited network access in the room, we are using telephone and irc (Zakim SOCL), not talky.


Group members who don't plan to participate may note their regrets here:

  1. Evan Prodromou (I have demo day on 10/30 in SF)
  2. Melvin Carvalho (talk) 12:02, 1 September 2015 (UTC)
  3. Shane Hudson (I have no way of getting funding to Japan, remote participation may be possible depending on workload)


Proposed Agenda Items

(add items here)

Items 2015-10-29

Items 2015-10-30