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socialwg Teleconf 2015-10-13

Tuesdays at 10am US/Pacific, 1pm US/Eastern time for 60 minutes

NEW phone number: +1-617-324-0000 There is a meeting number: 642 112 960 The password is still 'socl' (lowercase, easier for mobile). [WebEx]

Please get on IRC 15 minutes ahead of time and try to dial into WebEx to see if you have any issues.

No More Zakim

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Chair to start the meeting by typing on irc:

trackbot, start meeting

Trackbot should already be on the channel but if for some reason it is not call it with the following command:

/invite trackbot

Zakim won't know what meeting it is. Just ignore it. Pick a scribe from the list or ask Zakim to pick one up with the following command:

Zakim, pick a victim

Unfortunately Zakim has no idea who's scribed before so you may have to ask several times before getting an acceptable answer...

Then type:

scribe: xxx

Also, with WebEx, Zakim doesn't know who is on the call so, as people join they should record their attendance with the command: present+ <nickname>

For additional info, see the Zakim documentation page.



  • Participation is limited to members

Approval of Minutes of 2015-10-06

Social Web WG F2F Fall 2015

We have a date and location per the Doodle poll:

Activity Streams 2.0

AS2 update

  • JASnell

AS2 Test suite

  • CWebber

AS Issues

Social API

  • Social API This document breaks down the different aspects of the Social API as I understand them (see analysis on Socialwg/Social_API/Requirements) and attempts to either write something general/cross-compatible, *or* describes the subsections of each input spec side by side for comparison/tracking purposes. Work in progress. Amy Guy (talk) 03:18, 13 October 2015 (UTC)

Post Type Discovery

  • PROPOSAL: accept PTD as an editor's draft for continued development as part of the WG

Tracking of Actions and Issues

Additional Topics

  • The agenda is currently in a clustered format having various sections. When several items get entered in to one section we push items that were added first, further and further down the agenda. I would like to suggest moving to a flat agenda format, this will stop us from talking about just AS2 for the first 30 minutes of the call for example and not get to other things. Benjamin Roberts (talk)
  • Lots of people are having difficulty with WebEx. Should we switch to Mumble (the member who couldn't use it last time has left the group)


Next Teleconf


Chair to close the meeting with the following command:

trackbot, end meeting

If you forget, trackbot will close the meeting for you when the activity dies down.

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