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socialwg Teleconf 2015-09-22

Tuesdays at 10am US/Pacific, 1pm US/Eastern time for 60 minutes

NEW phone number: +1-617-324-0000 There is a meeting number: 642 112 960 The password is still 'socl' (lowercase, easier for mobile). [WebEx]

Please get on IRC 15 minutes ahead of time and try to dial into WebEx to see if you have any issues.

No More Zakim

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  • Chair: Evan Prodromou
  • Scribe:
  • Regrets:
    • Amy


Chair to start the meeting by typing on irc:

trackbot, start meeting

Trackbot should already be on the channel but if for some reason it is not call it with the following command:

/invite trackbot

Zakim won't know what meeting it is. Just ignore it. Pick a scribe from the list or ask Zakim to pick one up with the following command:

Zakim, pick a victim

Unfortunately Zakim has no idea who's scribed before so you may have to ask several times before getting an acceptable answer...

Then type:

scribe: xxx

Also, with WebEx, Zakim doesn't know who is on the call so, as people join they should record their attendance with the command: present+ <nickname>

For additional info, see the Zakim documentation page.



  • Participation is limited to members

Approval of Minutes of 15 September 2015

Charter Update Status

Per last week Socialwg/2015-09-15-minutes#Charter_Update we were awaiting W3M to report back on status of the updated WG charter.

Sandro, Wendy, do you have an update?

Is there a public URL we can reference with the new charter?

Will our existing charter URL just show/redirect to the new charter?

- Tantek Çelik (talk)

Social Web WG F2F Fall 2015

We have two candidate dates and locations. - Tantek Çelik (talk)

See and answer Doodle poll:

Activity Streams 2.0

  • Publication status
    • We resolved to publish AS WDs with the new W3C Software & Document license ("RESOLVED: Start using the new license and republish the AS spec (two different documents: core/vocab) using the new license ") and the editor subsequently said he is targeting the 25th. Is this still a go? - Tantek Çelik (talk)

Social API

  • Status update

Additional Agenda Items

Tracking of Actions and Issues

Additional Topics

Next Teleconf


Chair to close the meeting with the following command:

trackbot, end meeting

If you forget, trackbot will close the meeting for you when the activity dies down.

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