Socialig/Use Case TF/Use Case Template

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Use Case Title

A brief title for the social use case

Use Case

In this section, define the use case as succinctly as possible, step-by-step.

  1. Step 1
  2. Step 2
  3. Step 3
  4. ... etc

Type of Social Interaction

Assign or create a generalized Interaction Type.

Example Types:

  1. From the 18 initial Use Cases on | Profile Scenarios, three types were identified.
    1. ‘Federated Activity’: where network effects are generated through standardizing interactions and data between actors.
    2. ‘Profile Exchange’: where the emphasis is on replicating profile information between applications. In this scenario the interactions happen within the silo’s of those applications, not between them.
    3. ‘Centralized Control’: where control over content enables a user to delete it in multiple places.

Google Docs: Comparison Chart grouping uses cases into types


A brief narrative to describe the social use case


Identify the principal actors in the social use case

Goals of Actors

Identify the goals of each principal actor

Success Scenario

Describe a successful social scenario

Success Criteria

Identify criteria that can be used to determine success

Failure Criteria

Identify criteria that can be used to determine failure

Graphic Illustration(s) [optional]

Provide a graphical representation of the social use case (formalism is not required - any format or approach is acceptable, from hand drawn stick figures/systems to UML


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