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The Use Case Task Force will develop the Use-case and Requirements Report deliverable for the W3C Social Interest Group.


The production of any Interest Group deliverables depends upon the resources available, and will change as new information, adoption, and implementation experience is reported to the group. As the deliverables are in general non-normative, they can be changed and maintained throughout the lifetime of the Interest Group to reflect the current landscape of social technologies. The group should work with other groups of experts to make sure issues of security, privacy, accessibility, and data protection are taken into consideration.

the IG Charter identifies the following deliverable:

•Use-case and Requirements Report - This report will document the use cases to drive social standards for both businesses and consumers. These use-cases can include personalization based on context, including location, activities, and connected devices.

This report will address the broad spectrum of social to include both business and individual use cases. The deliverable is not directly tied to the activities of the related Social Work Group, but will include use cases that can be adopted by that WG to help guide its own activities.


Chair: Larry Hawes

Participants: Daniel Harris, Laurent Walter Goix, Harry Halpin, Ed Krebs, James Snell, Ann Bassetti, Adam Boyet

Participation is limited to members in good standing of the Social Interest Group.


Working Document

DRAFT | github repository




Use Case Template

Use Case Collection Pages by Focus Area

To help manage the collection of use cases, individual focus area wiki pages have been established. These pages are connected to this page with bi-directional links. All use cases should be placed in a new wiki page which has as its parent the appropriate focus area. Each focus area page also has a link to scenarios which briefly describe potential use cases for that focus area

Profile Use Cases

Group Use Cases

Social Data Syntax Use Cases

Social API Use Cases

Human Interaction Use Cases

About the Human Use Cases

Technical Foundations

Ubiquitous Attributes


Related Use Cases

Examples from other W3C Groups

Discussion Topics

1. How should we organize our work?

2. Volunteer for Editor

3. Categories of Use Cases - by subject? by social functionality? By system? by outcome?

4. Use Case Template (comment on and edit proposed template here)

5. Call for Use Cases

Action Items

1. Larry to set up wiki page for submission of scenarios around profiles that we could then join up into one or two use cases that we could move forward on.

2. All to submit short scenarios by 10/3 that we can look at

3. Ed to look at the Social WG stuff and move it over to the new wiki page

4. Larry to look at the 2005 stuff and see what we can reuse and what gaps might exist