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Use Case Title

Social Profile Creation

The use case

  1. Kim creates a comprehensive (describes both personal and business attributes) personal profile on a service.
  2. The profile is stored in that provider's system (e.g., on the provider's server)
  3. Alternatively, Kim may choose to self-host her profile.
  4. In either hosting case, the profile information is available to be used by (also known as "federated") other social networking or business systems.
  5. Kim has control of when her profile is federated to another system.


Kim wants to establish a single, comprehensive profile that can be federated across multiple public social networking sites and private business systems. Kim establishes an account with an accredited profile provider and submits information that describes various aspects of Kim's personal and business personas, which is then stored on the provider's server(s). Alternatively, Kim may choose to self-host the profile and federate it at will.


The principal actors in this use case include:

  • Profile owner: The individual about whom profile data is being captured and stored
  • Profile provider: The entity that stores profile data on its server(s). This may be an organization or the profile owner, who may choose to self-host their profile.

Goals of Actors

  • Profile owner: Seeks to create (and, ultimately, maintain and share) information about themselves
  • Profile provider: Wants to store user profile information and serve it to others upon request

Success Scenario

The profile owner is able to submit information about themselves and have it stored on the profile provider's server(s).

Success Criteria

100% of information submitted by the profile owner is accurately captured and immediately available for further editing or sharing.

Failure Criteria

  • Not all profile data fields can be completed
  • Some or all of the profile data is not saved
  • Profile owner is unable to access their data after it has been saved
  • Profile provider cannot share a profile upon request

Graphic Illustration(s) [optional]

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