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Timeline of events leading up to possible formation of a SocialMeaningGroup:

2003-02-26 SWArch. Meeting participants recommended RDF Core strike section 4 and that the SWCG "prioritize" forming a group to address the problem. There seems to be disagreement about whether that meant the CG should (1) determine the priority or (2) set a high priority to work here. The CG responded that it could do nothing before May and told SandroHawke to say so on its behalf.

 General commentary at the time: KendallClark,  
 The Social Meaning of RDF ( [Mar. 05, 2003]
 A thorough breakdown of the issues as seen by JeremyCarroll, based on draft text in the RDF Concepts:
 Social Meaning Discussion Agenda at SW Arch meeting         
 IRC log of that meeting
 GrahamKlyne's tracking of discussion, for RDF Core: 
 Social Meaning and RDF           

2003-05-23 WWW2003 BOF. SandroHawke, with encouragement from EricMiller and others, organized a BOF on SocialMeaning at WWW2003 in Budapest. Most folks from SWArch were present. General agreement was reached that a mailing list should be formed (public-sw-meaning) and the SWCG again charged to form a Task Force to look into this issue.

2003-06-30 SandroHawke, in his final iteration of reporting to SWCG, proposes a Task Force of the RDF Interest Group, to prepare input to the TAG. The next step is to get the TAG to accept an issue.

2003-07-03 Tim Berners-Lee raises the issue with the TAG, on behalf of the SWCG, via e-mail.

2003-07-24 KendallClark talks about it again, in Social Meaning and the Cult of Tim. There's some bitterness here.

2003-08-18 The TAG accepts it as issue rdfURIMeaning-39.

2003-09-03 DanConnolly connects the TAG issue back to the mailing list and begins looking for members.

2003-09-05 Request for Introductions sent out. Responses being to appear on the list.

2003-09-17 DanConnolly offers to host a telecon on 2003-09-26.