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Social Web Community Group Teleconference

06 Dec 2017


aaronpk, ajordan

Since only two of us were on the call we didn't formally start the meeting or pick a scribe. Some notes from our discussion below.


IRC Log:

  • Discussing using IndieAuth as a client-to-server authentication protocol for ActivityPub
    • aaronpk: given an activitypub actor's URL like, that would just need to advertise two new rel values in the HTTP Link header to point to the authorization endpoint and token endpoint
    • aaronpk: after the indieauth flow is done the client ends up with an OAuth 2.0 Bearer token, which the client would be able to use at the activitypub server as normal
    • aaronpk: if users are more used to entering when they log in to clients, the client would need to first use webfinger to turn that into a URL like
    • ajordan: I seem to recall a large discussion when Mastodon moved to AP surrounding Webfinger migration plans; perhaps that would be good to formalize into a note
  • Found a platform-specific bug with the SVG diagram in IndieAuth, and fixed it [1]
  • ajordan submitted an implementation report for his webmention client [2]