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Existing Online Tools

Existing Offline Tools


Desired Online Tools

  • Fully-functional XSLT 1.0 service
  • Comma Tool for xslt (,xslt=http://...)
  • Comma Tool for Bibliographic data extractor (,bib)
  • XQuery engine
  • Convert SVG to PNG (unix command convert does exactly this) (see
  • Convert Graphviz .dot files to SVG
  • Convert Graphviz .dot files to PNG
  • Convert XML+CSS to text/plain
  • HtmlDiff generator
  • A tool that checks a document for terms and shows the definitions in some way so use of the terms can be reviewed.
  • A tool that checks for outdated RFC references
  • A tool that checks Specs for inline references to external documents that are not listed in the References section (See also: @@Check for outdated references)

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