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WAI HTML Table linearizer Web service

HTML Tables, whether used for layout or for real data, can create problems for people reading the Web line-by-line (e.g. columned text read out of order).

This online service lets you linearize Table in HTML pages interactively. You can also download the WAI ER HTML Table linearization filter to run it locally.

URL of page with TABLE to linearize:

Table number within page (default all tables in the page):

Select a default linearization orientation for Tables:
Row first
Column first
Markup order (no repetition or interaction in this case)

Select a default level of repetition of Table cell contextual information:
0: No repetition (just table level info)
1: Deepest header for each row or column
2: Deepest header for each cell
3: All headers for each row or column
4: All headers for each cell

Edit the page HREF to recursively call the linearizer (Proxy emulation).

Cell separator: Header separator: Value separator: Line separator: