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A pattern language of SemanticWeb modelling issues:

  • NaryRelations
  • ThingsVersusTheirNames
  • LogicalReflection
    • context
  • HashVsSlash: conflating property names with document names? with document fragment names?
  • what do namespace names refer to? (they don't, but when combined with local names, they ought to). (what were the qname grumblings?)
  • PropertiesForNaming: rdfs:label, dc:title, cyc:nameOfAgent -- related?
  • PropertiesForLinking: rdfs:seeAlso... anything else?
  • How do I represent XML Schema datatypes in RDF?
    • the DAML proposal
    • previous RDF Core design ideas
    • Current RDF Core pre-working draft ideas
    • ETA for RDF Core tech report on this
    • Can XML Schema annotations be used to map XML into RDF/XML?
  • KnowWhenToUseRestrictions - owl:Restrictions are handier for extensibility than rdfs:domain/range, if used appropriately
  • Use Uppercase for Classes, lowercase for properties (just a convention, but useful!)
  • Use CoolUris when publishing your ontology. No extensions if you can help it; keep info in the URI to a minimum.

Want to help out by reordering this list? "The most logical order would be to dispense hints in the order that people will generally consume them", sez sbp.

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