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The 7th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2008)



Applications of the Semantic Web

  • Applications with clear lessons learned or evaluations
  • Semantic Web for large scale applications, desktops or personal information management
  • Semantic Web technologies for multimedia, sensors, and situational awareness
  • Semantic Web technologies for P2P, services, agents, grids and middleware

Management of Semantic Web Data

  • Languages, tools and methodologies for representing and managing Semantic Web data
  • Database, IR and AI technologies for the Semantic Web
  • Search, query, integration, and analysis on the Semantic Web
  • Robust and scalable knowledge management and reasoning on the Web
  • Machine learning and information extraction for the Semantic Web
  • Cleaning, assurance, trust, provenance of Semantic Web data, services and processes


  • Ontology modeling, reuse, extraction, and evolution
  • Ontology mapping, merging, and alignment
  • Searching and ranking ontologies
  • Ontology evaluation

Social Semantic Web

  • Social networks and processes on the Semantic Web
  • Semantic Web technologies for collaboration and cooperation
  • Representing and reasoning about trust, privacy, and security

User Interfaces

  • Visualization of and interacting with Semantic Web data
  • Semantic Web content creation and annotation
  • Mashing up Semantic Web data and processes

Submission Dates


  • Workshop Proposals (March 28)
  • Research Track (May 16)
  • Semantic Web In Use Track (May 16)
  • Doctoral Consortium (May 16)
  • Tutorial Proposals (May 16)
  • Posters/Demos (July 25)
  • Semantic Web Challenge (July 4)