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This is a place to link DOAP Descriptions similar to FOAFBulletinBoard but specifically and only for applications and demos that themselves concern the Semantic Web. If it's not directly Semantic Web related, use DOAPBulletinBoard.

The idea is to provide material for Semantic Web Best Practices Task Force On Applications And Demos - see in particular the criteria for inclusion in the list maintained by the taskforce, namely:

  1. Only applications and demos with their own DOAP descriptions will be included. The DOAP description should normally be created by the author of the application or demo. The DOAP descriptions must be specific to a particular application or demo, which must exist and be made available via the doap:homepage location
  2. Only freely downloadable applications and demos will be included unless they are products of a W3C member (free as in beer, although we are also particularly in interested Open Source software which developers can take and use).
  3. For the time being only RDF, RDFS and OWL applications will be included.

Note that the taskforce makes the final decision about whether these criteria are met and about what to include in the list.

We're interested in particular in visually appealing and immediately viewable apps and demos that we can use to demostrate the utility of the Semantic Web, but feel free also to add applications below that are useful to developers such as libraries and APIs.

For reference: W3C Semantic Web Best Practices and Deployment Working Group homepage

Resources for creating DOAP files

  DOAP is a vocabulary for describing projects - 'Description Of A Project'). Here's an example. 
  doap-a-matic forms-based DOAP creation tool 
  examples to copy: this one or redland's doap) 
  Chris Schmidt also has a doap-a-matic
  You might like the Doaper firefox extension a nice little app which shows if there is a DOAP file linked from the page currently being viewed.

How to add your DOAP file to this page

Please read carefully when editing the page: try not to delete any application or demo!

Just click the link to edit the text of this page, then add the name of your project, and a link to the associated DOAP file in the bulleted list below. The format is very straight-forward.

Don't forget to link your DOAP file from your project's homepage, like this:

	<link rel="meta" title="DOAP" href="mydoap.rdf" type="application/rdf+xml"/>

Scraping this page

The applications and demos taskforce has an experimental DOAP faccetted browser

You are welcome to reuse this data to create your own browseable directory of semantic web applications. Borrowing Leigh Dodd's technique (thanks Leigh!) you can scrape this page to create an RDF scutter file, which is basically an RDF file containing rdfs:seeAlso to each rdf file. Here's how:

  1. Use tidy to get xhtml from this page, e.g. via the online W3C service (I've used 'force xml')
  2. Use this xslt to create the scutterplan (to test you can use the W3C service)
  3. voila!

List of DOAP files

The links below should be directly to the location of the RDF files, so that tools can glean the information out (possibly via some GRDDL or some such.) Anyone is welcome (and encouraged) to take the list below or the DOAP links from the list the taskforce maintains and create their own view on the data.

Semantic Web Applications and demonstrators with DOAP files

Please add my DOAP to the database:

  • [] [...add yours here...]
  • OpenLink Data Spaces - Platform for generating Semantic Web Presence from Wikis, Blogs, RSS/Atom Feeds, Photo Albums, Shared Bookmarks, Discussion Forums, WebDAV resources etc..
  • OpenLink Virtuoso - Hybrid Data Manager for SQL, XML, and RDF that includes SPARQL support.

Added to database: