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<rough notes...> (hmm... OnlyMakeInterestingPages... or perhaps just use SomedayPile badge to set expectations)

Blend SemWalker with Wiki.....

Original SemWeaver idea was a table-layout of RDF where you could easily edit some of the columns.

But this could blend with Wiki-style for HTML pages. When the Resource being viewed is a Document, a rendering can be done. That rendering can be editable. It can be rendered in HTML or in MoinMoin PoorMansHypertext.

That is:

    • gives you RDF information about that thing
    • maybe gives you HTML information about it, too, if it can find any
    • uses what it knows from you cookies?
    • uses what it can learn from the net
    • append &db=<url> to name additional sources of information to include
    • display has a title bar like MoinMoin, including [EDIT THIS PAGE]
  • Subscribe and/or Poll

CatalogSomedayPile hmm... this isnt' an instance of the class someday pile; i.e. it's not a list of someday items; it's a member of a/the someday pile group. Who was the guy that warned me about class/instance vs. group/member relationships at one of the web conferences?