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This is a list of SIOC-enabled sites. This list is also available in RDF here and mentions SIOC data URL.

Firefox users can use a few extensions to detect and reveal SIOC and other RDF data on web pages

  • OpenLink Data Explorer (ODE) reveals SIOC, FOAF, and other RDF data found, extracted, and/or generated via RDFa, GRDDL, and other means, and displays a status bar icon. Clicking the icon, or using the "View Page Description" or "View Linked Data Sources" contextual or main menu options will allow you to browse through the corresponding RDF data. Install the ODE Extension.
  • Semantic Radar detects links to SIOC, FOAF, and generic RDF and RDFa data (via auto-discovery information) and displays status bar icons. Clicking on an icon will allow you to browse the corresponding RDF data. Install Semantic Radar

If you are not using Firefox, you can use these server-hosted tools through other Web browsers --