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start with a PPR:OpeningStatement, such as...

This page has been created to serve as a model for other people who wants to create a QA page.

== Introduction ==

== Sub Titles ==

Discussion, exploration, etc

== Comments ==



short introduction about this page, i.e. PPR:OpeningStatement.

comments go below the line.

No need for creator metadata insite the page; For one thing, these pages are owned by the readership, not by any one person. For another, the PPR:WikiEngine keeps as much records as we need.

PPR:WikiBadge s traditionally go at the bottom.

hmm... this seems to be an IslandTopic.

Danc, could you sign when you do a modification, so we know why and who. :) The machine does that; check the revision info. The template is too create a model for other webpages so people don't have to type all the markup again. I was about to revert because I didn't know who did the modifications. --KarlDubost

Don't forget