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Please see ISSUE-239 for the discussion.

Proposal 1 - List of URI compliance regime references

Roy Fielding proposed an optional member of the tracking status object that will allow the origin server to communicate what (if any) claims it wishes to make regarding compliance to certain behaviors, as defined by reference to other standard resources:

An origin server MAY send a member named compliance with an array value containing a list of URI references that identify specific regimes to which the origin server claims to comply for the designated resource. Communicating such a claim of compliance is presumed to improve transparency, which might influence a user's decisions or configurations regarding allowed tracking, but does not have any direct impact on this protocol.
compliance = %x22 "compliance" %x22
compliance-v = array-of-refs

Proposal 2 - Implicit reference to one compliance regime

proposal by Nick Doty to

stay silent on this matter and implicitly indicate compliance with reference to the W3C Compliance spec and the 1/3 indicators (1st party compliance/3rd party compliance), as in previous working drafts of the TPE (see last public working draft}