Privacy/TPWG/Proposals on UA requirement to handle exceptions

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Relevant section in the current editors' draft: 6. User-Granted Exceptions

Proposal: No change to editors' draft

Proposal: Mark feature as optional

Proposed by John Simpson (via email).

Add to beginning of User-Granted Exceptions section:

This feature is OPTIONAL for user agent implementations.

(OPTIONAL is a RFC2119 keyword, with the meaning that you'd expect.)

Proposal: Add a MUST in introduction

Proposed by Shane Wiley.

Add to beginning of User-Granted Exceptions section:

The goal of this protocol is to provide balance in both the setting of the DNT signal and possible user granted exceptions to that DNT preference. To be compliant with this standard any software that changes user preference requests MUST provide the facility for a Server to record granted exceptions utilizing the services described in this section and alter DNT signals for those Servers appropriately going forward (DNT=0).