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Non-normative text

This wiki page collects non-normative text from the 30 April 2013 Working Draft for inclusion in future Working Drafts, to address ISSUE-214.

Note that this non-normative text is likely to require updates once the normative text is stable. After all, the non-normative text aims at explaining the normative elements and is therefore required to be in sync.

1. Scope

2. Definitions

2.1 User

2.2 User Agent

2.3 Network Transaction

2.4 Party

2.5 Service Provider

2.6 First Party

2.7 Third Party

2.8 Deidentified

2.9 Tracking

2.10 Collect, Retain, Use, Share

3. User Agent Compliance

4. First Party Compliance

5. Third Party Compliance

5.1 Third Party Geolocation Compliance

5.2 General Principles for Permitted Uses

5.2.1 No Secondary Uses

5.2.2 Data Minimization, Retention and Transparency

5.2.3 No Personalization

5.2.4 Reasonable Security

5.3 Permitted Uses

5.3.1 Frequency Capping

5.3.2 Financial Logging

5.3.3 Security

5.3.4 Debugging

5.3.5 Audience Measurement

6. User-Granted Exceptions

7. Interaction with Existing User Privacy Controls

8. Unknowing Collection