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Remove Geolocation Limitation

Proposal from David Singer: email; issue


Either Delete

Delete the existing section on geolocation restrictions for third parties:

If a third party is part of a network interaction with a DNT: 1 signal, then geolocation data MUST NOT be used in that interaction at any level more granular than postal code, unless specific consent has been granted for the use of more granular location data.

Or Clarify as Additional Restriction

This section provides specific restrictions for Geolocation data handling when DNT is set, in addition to the general restrictions expressed in 'the preamble to section 5'. (This last needs a sub-section number and then we can make a reference to it.)

New text

Insert after the definition of 'tracking':

Note: Geolocation data requires careful handling, as in some cases it can be combined with other readily available data to identify a specific user, user-agent, or device.

Add non-normative text, expand on the explanations of why geolocation data needs treating with kid gloves.