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Requested reviews

Add rows to this table for particular documents where review has been requested. If a row doesn't have a shepherd (someone in charge of making sure a review happens) or volunteers (to help review and submit comments), feel free to add your name to the table cell and email public-privacy to let people know you're working on it. PING members who know of specifications that may need review soon can also add entries here before a WG asks PING to review them.

Document Status Due Date Shepherd Volunteers Links
HTML 5.3 WD / wide review 2018-05-25 - npdoty,
Performance APIs, Security and Privacy ? TBD - TBD *Performance APIs, Security and Privacy
Data on the Web Best Practices 12 June 2016 TBD - TBD Data on the Web Best Practices
Permissions API ? TBD - TBD Permissions API
Web Payments API FPWD? TBD - TBD (API close to FPWD)
Web Authentication API FPWD? TBD - TBD Charter (need WebAuth API link)
Web Payments Use Cases FPWD early June - Kepeng, Joe Hall review request for use cases
Subresource Integrity wide review 2015-05-26 - - Spec review request
CSV on the Web drafts - unknown - Steven Adler, Spec review request: CSV on the Web
local IP addresses for WebRTC - unknown wseltzer Mike O'Neill,

Blog posts from 2013-2014

WebRTC 1.0: Real-time Communication Between Browsers Candidate Recommendation 2016-02-22 - - review Spec review requestreview Spec review request
Presentation API FPWD October-ish - Greg

Past reviews

Document Date Shepherd Volunteers Links
Client Hints 2016-12, 2018-04 - Mike O'Neill, npdoty review comments, discussion with TAG folks
Pointer Events 2018-04-28 - jnovak review comments
Web Audio 2018-02 - PING privacy issues on github, teleconference
MediaStream Image Capture API, Media Capture from DOM Elements API, MediaStream Recording API 2018-01-17 - PING review comments
Media Capture and Streams 2015-07-13 runnegar, npd Katie, Joe Hall review comments
TTML2 2017-08 - PING teleconference github issue
Manifest for web application 2015-03-05 n/a npdoty
Media Capture and Streams - W3C Working Draft 03 September 2013 Informal Review 2014-10-02 n/a Katie Haritos-Shea

public-privacy archive

Beacon (Web Performance) 2014-07-29 n/a npdoty

public-privacy archive

Proximity and Ambient Light (DAP) 2013-02-27 n/a PING mailing list

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