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Discussion for preferred key-binding style

This is a discussion page for Best Practices Style Guide. Please discuss issues here, and when discussions are resolved, make the appropriate changes in the page. In order to track discussions effectively:

  1. Do not remove anything from this page. Simply add to existing discussion.
  2. Prefix your entries with your name.
  3. Organize the discussion into topics. If a topic is under discussion, please add your comments in the appropriate section. If you have a new topic, add a new heading. Please be aware of when tangents should become new topics.
  4. Use Level 1 headings (one equal sign as delimiter) for topics.

Topics currently under discussion:

journal (log)

AlGilman telecon 29 June 2007

AlGilman telecon 13 July 2007

AlGilman telecon dialog 27 July 2007

AlGilman telecon summary 27 July 2007



AlGilman Summary from 29 June 2007 telecon TW: summarize: consensus on tabpanel - when on focus in tabtitle right and left arrow keys move across, tab move you into tab area; control-tab and control-shift-tab will work as expected

TW: delete - keyboard shortcut (delete or control-F4) - should propose Control+F4 because you are closing, not deleting and is catchable


AlGilman Resolution recorded on 29 June 2007 telecon tree right and left arrows as in OS - right expanding node left collapsing node, left again goes to parent; once expanded node navigation through up and down keys;