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What are the advantages of video cloud services over self built video services?

With the commercial use of 5G, video has become the business growth point of most enterprises. Many enterprises want to deploy their own video service with low cost and high efficiency, but they need to face high cost in deploying their own video services, such as data center, server, CDN, bandwidth, etc.; not only that, but also complex audio and video technologies, such as: codec, transcoding, transmission, processing and multi terminal equipment adaptation. All these require a lot of professionals. Video cloud services can provide these capabilities. Enterprises can directly use these services without considering the technology and equipment issues, and can quickly and efficiently build suitable video services for enterprises.

What aspects does video cloud service apply to in the field of Web application?

Cloud live broadcast, cloud show, cloud fitness, cloud education and cloud museum, etc.

What benefits can video cloud services bring to Web developers?

Video cloud services put codec and transcoding into the edge node for processing, so that Web developers do not need to consider whether the browser supports it or not when they capture and play video, but only need the edge node to provide the processing ability of encoding and transcoding. Compared with the traditional centralized processing and distribution, this method is more flexible and convenient, which enables Web developers to quickly build cross terminal Web video applications. For example, cloud games are in the initial stage of explosion, and the bottom layer is also realized through video transmission services, which can give the Web end the ability to quickly build cloud game applications.

How do Web developers use PCDN acceleration capability of Video Cloud service?

PCDN] is generally based on P2P Networks/Edge_computing storage capacity and idle bandwidth, and obtains resources from nearby P2P nodes or CDN nodes. And regularly push popular content from CDN to P2P nodes. But the underlying architecture and processing logic of PCDN should be transparent to Web developers. Web developers don't need to pay attention to these details. PCDN service providers provide Web SDKs for clients to use. Web applications use PCDN SDKs to interact with PCDN dispatch and control center by calling related APIs. Dispatch and control center coordinates the optimal link to call idle resources of edge network to accelerate video content, so as to reduce video loading time delay and improve user experience.