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The W3C Chairs' Guide is intended to help W3C groups get their work done. Ian Jacobs is using this page for a project to modernize the Guide, and make it easier for groups to get work done, and for people to understand how groups operate.



The principal audience for this resource will be W3C group participants, including chairs, editors, and team contacts. I expect the content will be generally relevant to all types of groups (though some content will only be relevant to some types of groups).


    • Make content easier to discover, edit, and flag for review
    • Make public the home page and linked resources
    • Shrink the total documentation
    • Make it easier to maintain
    • Make it easier to understand the process and operations
    • This material is also going to serve as training for the Team; don't lose those bits from the project management task force.




November and December

    • Prioritize content needs
    • Go back to project management task force with various tables of contents (Ian to take to Jeff, Marie, Maria)
    • Migrate content from Guide and write missing content

January 2013

    • Announce site to Chairs. Organize chairs meeting?
    • Continue to update based on feedback



  • Use stack-overflow type mechanism for getting questions and answers to good practices?

Editorial Control

    • Some pages will be the authoritative source of information about workflow or process requirements. We are likely to limit the audience that can edit these. However, it would be good to allow people to annotate these pages, or ask questions in these pages.



    • Is it an operational document governed by the Team?
      • If public, then done.
      • Otherwise, make public but leave out of wiki
    • Otherwise
      • If in public wiki then done
      • Otherwise migrate to public wiki


    • Many (most?) pages will be maintained by the community.
    • However, some will include "authoritative" workflow information. These will be maintained by the staff.
    • Allow users to flag content as out of date
    • Determine rituals for review of authoritative workflow content (e.g., before each AC meeting)


    • Who: Chair, editor, Team Contact, AC Rep, test lead, new person
    • When: new group, rechartering, ending

Past Meetings


Discussions at TPAC 2011 led to several related efforts to improve aspects of W3C's process and operations. Among these are the Advisory Board's work on revising the W3C Process, as well as a task force run by Jeff Jaffe to improve W3C's capacity to deliver specifications according to schedule. Jeff's task force, for example, continues work on a project management training curriculum

Materials to Draw From

Virginie notes

    • lexique : one sentence definition for all W3C related concepts would be nice
    • content format : some of the content is in a shape of mail, do we want to keep them as it is, or do we want harmonized content format ?
    • using the right words : I would see value in mentioning when an action will require W3C validation/endorsement e.g. instead of saying "creating a charter", indicating "requesting charter creation", you know, using a user perspective ...
    • fil rouge : I would develop the different specifications steps or group life steps into formal steps (e.g. First Public Draft, Last Call, CR, PR, REC ...)
    • minor stuff : but I am just about to go for it : I would add recommendation related to 'gathering public comment' unless it is demonstrated that sending a mail on one public list is enough :-)
    • re-minor stuff - missing experience sharing : 'TPAC is the place to be to promote/enrich/mature a WG', 'who are the AC rep' ?

People who have expressed interest

    • Jeanne Spellman
    • Art Barstow
    • Michael Cooper