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On the use of mobile phones (or PDAs for that matter) with the web...

How can I use...

The Web?

p900 / p800

The client that comes with the phone is pretty clunky. I use Opera (version 6.31 at the moment), because it has multiple windows and nicer adaptability stuff. But I haven't figured out how to tell my contacts list to use Opera instead of the built-in client. (But then, I want to change my contacts list for a FOAF-based one anyway...).

Opera is certainly way faster than the built-in browser. I still have not found a way to edit the bookmark list: I can add new bookmarks, but how can I delete one, for example? (Ivan)


P900 / P800

Actually the messaging client built in seems to work fine for POP email. I can set it to download just headers, and it does, although for some reason I haven't worked out how to get it to delete messages from the server when it has downloaded them.

Well, I had problems with the P910i. I tried to get the mail client working with a local isp where I have a pop account (and which works with thunderbird, for example) but I get a misterious error report 'activation rejected'. I still do not know what it means, anybody has an idea? (Ivan)


P900 / P800

I tried Mobile ssh and telnet from Mochasoft. Both of them require paying for the software at some point (with telnet, which also does ssh you can apparently use the demo for ever and it is just a bit painful. Mobilessh only gives you 20 connections). I haven't figured out how to use either of them with a key, either. But both of them do provide ctrl and esc buttons.

Telnet seems much more friendly and functional than mobile ssh, except it uses a 24x80 screen so you get horizontal scrolling - mobile ssh just wraps to the screen.

I found a link to a Putty for p800 port. Haven't tried it yet. DanBri claims it works but I don't know if he is trying to use it with a key or just a password. Ivan: id did not work for me, though: I tried to connect to, tyed in my name, but got disconnected with an error when typing return:-(


I use symirc on my phone and it seems nice enough. Only one server, but multipple channels without much hassle, shorteneed commands (such as /m /j /t /wi for msg, join, topic, whois) and it keeps a list of channels so it is easy to join. (Typing a hash on the phone is slow, and not many people know how to do it). I need to work out how to make a local tunnel for it, but that should be feasible if I sort the ssh thing I hope.


It seems there is plenty - according to scale-a-vector's page on mobile SVG at least, which lists lots of stuff.

rdf parser?

xml browser?

I haven't tried it yet with Opera actually. I wonder...

xml editor?

A really cut down version (fixed style sheets for editing, no CSS/MathML/SVG functionality) of Amaya would be ideal. I'd like a simple SVG editor too - although I guess I could get that if I had an SVG player.

Synchronization without Outlook or Lotus?

I have asked this question on a news group, and I got a reference to floatAt Mobile agent. There are some references there on this stuff not yet working properly on a P800/P900, but it may be a place to keep an eye on!

Another candidate might be Oxygen. It is a product (around 30$), but seems to offer similar things.

er... really? I don't see questions