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Figuring out the correct way to write or respond to an email on a W3C mailing list is a little more complicated than expected! Unlike corporate-style emailing, the W3C email threads tend to follow a much more forum like style. Sometimes new people join the mailing list and are confused on how to read or respond to emails, therefore here we will add some tips to help everyone in how to write and respond to email threads for our group; the W3C Web and Mobile Interest Group.

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  • Refrain from top posting - 'Top Posting' is where you place all your comments above the rest of the thread of the conversation; in an email this is similar to you replying to an email and typing at the top, with all the previous emails appearing below. To get around this, reply to the email and just place your comments directly below the thing you are commenting on in the previously sent mail. If you want to read a much better explanation of this then see here.
  • Refrain from +1 replies - Sometimes people wish to show their support for someone's email by sending a +1 reply, this is great but can create clogged inboxes for many participants. We encourage those people who wants to +1 to a response to do this on IRC or express your encouragement on the next call.