Media Capture/Feb 5-6 2013

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This meeting is followed by the WEBRTC WG meeting.


As usual, #mediacap at

Remote participation

We'll use WebEx. Details at


Feb 5th - 4 hours (8:30 - 12:30)

  • Welcome, scribe, startup hazzles (15 min)

“Media Capture and Streams” document:

  • device enumeration: Martin T (30 min)
    • Decision:
  • error handling: Harald (1 hour)
    • Decision: One of
      • Use the PeerConnection-callback model
      • use the model used in IndexedDB, File API (return objects that represent operations, errors as events on the objects).
  • Coffee (15 min)
  • “immediate stream” gUM: Martin T (1 hour)
    • Decision: One of
      • No -backwards
      • compatible gUM
      • new gUM call style.
  • Resource reservation (exclusive access to devices): Randell (30 min)
    • Specified in gUM or “implementor choice”?
    • One stream from a source or multiple streams from a source?
    • Exclusive, shared-in-tab, shared-in-browser, anything-goes?
  • conclude discussions (15 min)

Feb 6th - 3 hours

  • Identity aspects of MediaStreams, some security for Recording: Ekr (1 hour)
    • Yes or no?
    • Stream or track level binding?
    • Implications?
  • Settings/constraints (2h): Travis/Dan
    • Model (0.5 hours)
    • What settings to have in v1 (1.5h)
  • Decide next steps for doc (last call WG) (0.5h)

Feb 7th - 1 hour

  • Aspect ration

Reading List


Error handling - Harald:

Device enumeration - Martin: (includes "Synchronous getUserMedia")

Device reservation - Randell:

Constraint/Settings - Dan:

Media Streams and Identity (plus some recording) - Ekr:

Aspect Ratio - Justin:

Some conclusions Feb 5/6th: