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Status: Initial Draft ie. please focus on technical content, rather than wordsmithing at this stage.

Author: Yves Savourel

Rendering Information


Markup should be available to support the required behaviours of all scripts.


Some script behaviours require the use of markup to be properly rendered by the user-agents. Such markup should be incorporated into the schema if it is to be properly internationalised. For instance, ruby support may be needed for Far Eastern documents, and bidirectional control tags are needed for Middle Eastern documents.


When working with text where left-to-right script (e.g. English) and right-to-left script (e.g. Arabic), are mixed, a content author or a translator may run into cases where he or she needs to delimit, within a single sentence, the parts of the text that are left-to-right and the parts that are right-to-left in order to ensure the correct rendering of the text.

YS---''' Here goes an example in Arabic+English that, I hope, someone can provide'''


See the GEO document: