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Article development process

This page describes stages in article development within the GEO group. Not every step is required. It is intended more as a guide. There are however points where group agreement is needed to move forward, and these are required.

This is provided for new group members to become familiar with the way we work, and also to facilitate work between GEO and Core groups. Some of the terminology used here will also be used to refer to the status of particular project in contexts such as the work items list.

Stage: Intent

This stage begins when:
An author indicates that they intend to create an article, on the GEO list or during a teleconference.

For FAQs, authors are encouraged to send out the wording of the proposed question for suggestions from the group.

Stage: Brainstorm

This stage begins when:
The author produces some questions or a proposed list of topics to be covered by the material, and asks for comments.

After making a first stab at an article (perhaps in email), the author may:

Stage: Initial draft

This stage begins when:
The author produces a first draft of the proposed text and announces it on the GEO list, asking for comments. Ideally the first draft will be made available as a WIKI. (Alternatively, it may be sent out in email. It is probably not worth using the HTML template at this stage.)

To create a WIKI, type an address into your browser with the form http://esw.w3.org/topic/myname. 'myname' should normally take the following form: 'geo' + 'Faq'/'Article'/etc + unique name. Use camel case, and do not use hyphens or other separators in 'myname'. For example, http://esw.w3.org/topic/geoFaqLinkelement. Bold the intended text - comments will be unbolded. Also include the basic instructions for use of the WIKI at the top. See an example.

If a WIKI is used, commenters should make their comments in the WIKI itself, following the established format. As comments are dealt with in the text they should be removed by the author.

If the material will contain any controversial information that would benefit from Core review, the Core group should be asked to comment at this point.

This first review stage is still to allow exploration of direction and scoping for the author. The author should be ready to substantially modify their draft based on comments received.

GEO participants should comment in email prior to any telecon discussions. Telecons should be used for discussion of points that are difficult to handle in email. [Note to telecon participants: it is not good form to discuss a draft at the telecon without having at least read the draft and thought about it in advance.]

Comments on small editorial nits are likely to be less relevant at this stage.

Stage: Working draft

This stage begins when:
The author produces a new draft, using the standard template, and incorporating all appropriate comments received on the initial draft, and sends a call for comments on the GEO list.

The author should try to make this as near as possible to publication ready. See the style guide for use with the template.

The team contact/chair will usually be involved from an editorial point of view at this stage. This may include discussions about wording, as well as checking for compliance with the style guide.

GEO participants, send in comments by email or request a discussion during a telecon.

A decision should be taken during a teleconference whether to move this on to the next stage. Agreement may be reached on stipulation that a small number of fine edits to the text be made first. If more substantial changes are needed, the author goes away to work on the document and brings it to another telecon to seek agreement to take to the next stage.

Stage: Wide review

This stage begins when:
The group agrees during a teleconference to move the document to wide review.

The author incorporates any comments agreed during the telecon when the decision was made to send for wide review.

The team contact/chair then announces this article on the www-international list, and at http://www.w3.org/International/log/reviews inviting comments.

As comments come in, the author makes any necessary additional changes to the document.

Stage: Publication

This stage begins when:
The group agrees during a teleconference to publish the document.

The author obtains final sign-off for publication from GEO participants during a telecon.

The team contact/chair finalizes any required editorial work.

The team contact/chair then adds links to various places on the /International site, sends out notifications sets up news and RSS data and adds to a list to be posted on the W3C Home Page.

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