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Status: Working Draft (Req Doc)

Author: Yves Savourel


This document describes requirements for a list of guidelines and a set of recommended approaches to developing schemas which address issues related to international use of document formats and localization of XML content.

Regardless of the final form and syntax such approaches ultimately take, it is possible to envision their usage at different levels:

  1. In a document instance, grouped in a single location, to associate information with multiple parts of the document using some kind of linking or addressing mechanism. Such usage would be similar to the <style> element in an HTML document.
  2. In a document instance, within the content, at the location where the information applies. This usage would be similar to the style attribute in an HTML document.
  3. In schemas, along with the definition of an element or an attribute, to provide data categories for internationalization and localization.

Such approaches are not meant to describe the configuration settings of localization tools for XML content. However, it is expected that the tools will be able to infer such properties from the information provided by the ITS implementations. For example, the tools should be able to build a list of all nodes that are to be translated in a given document using the ITS information in the document itself and in its corresponding schema(s) or DTD.