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Agenda March 14 Scientific Discourse call

  • Presentation by Howard Burrows - see slides
  • Ontologies update: Dexi/Bibo/ORB/others
  • AOB


Notes Meeting March 14, 2011: action items are bulleted between Mibbit notes.

Presentation by Howard Burrows see slides

10:04   Anita Paolo is on the line! Discussing duplication of efforts...10:06 
10:20   Anita Lawrence Prelli 'A Rhetoric of Science: Inventing Scientific Discourse'
10:31   joanne Joanne just come on line in time to hear howard say "that's all i wanted to say" (groan)
10:41	Anita	knowledge base link is here
10:41	Anita	eScience link: here
10:44	joanne	OK, i looked at the kb idea - i wasn't on that - need to review it, but the kb and eScience are interests of mine
10:49	Anita	So changes proposed by Howard: add evidence, components that count as evidence, model in the background - Joanne: Conceptual interoperability? Howard: Epistemic interoperability
10:52	Anita	Joanne: Jim McClusker worked on demo on conceptual model ontology with Cancer grid/CABIg in conjunction with SKOS to bridge ontologies at the level of the concept (joanne - ok?) –
  • Joanne can work with Howard to make a more concrete instantiation of his ideas
10:54	Anita	Taverna and MyExperiment are algorithmic - meant to fit regular bench science experiment. Gully's is different - Anita, yes, KEfED is about experimental design, dependent/independent variables...
10:55	Anita	David: MyExperiment - no sophistication re. planning, more automation to help store/simplify runtime experiments
10:58	Anita	Howard: But research objects allow you to add design? David: yes that is my intention - relationship between different types of enactments and tie Research Objects... (Sorry to cut off the discussion!)
10:58	Anita	
  • Paolo: ORB? Jodi sent in new remarks, Tudor and Paolo are finalizing; otherwise it is ready to be sent out
11:00	Anita	MSDA workshop Discussion Portland, OR the ACL-
11:01	Anita	Discussion on roles of discourse structure will be at the afternoon session of the MSDA meeting