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Project Proposal

Through collaboration and integration, the areas of eScience and Semantic Web have a great deal to gain from each other. In e-science, workflows, service-oriented architectures, and grid computing are often employed, bringing with them the challenges of service discovery, automatic workflow composition, and data provenance. The workflow engine Taverna is being used for everything from bioinformatics and cheminformatics, to information extraction and text mining. See http://myexperiment.org.

One example of possible synergy with other projects would be to use a workflow to add knowledge from a bioinformatics domain that is extracted as RDF and used to extend the knowledge base for a particular scientific question. The RDF that is added to the knowledge base can be the result of either a bioinformatics workflow that queries data sources or information extracted from literature. This task force would explore the optimal way to combine workflow, information extraction, and knowledge base extension in the context of a scientific question.

Ideas / Thoughts