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Reviewer Feedback

Num Task Assigned Status
1 a discussion on the HCLS & TMO structure and activities. Michel Confirmed
2 Ontology evaluation (+coverage) Olivier & Trish & Joanne Trish & Joanne confirmed
3 Elaborate on "clinical decision support" PeterT & PeterK Confirmed
4 add a section detailing the Indivo XML schema and generation of RDF, include description of unit testing framework Eric P & Scott Completed
5 add a paragraph detailing the consistency of the EHR PeterT & PeterK Confirmed
6 checking of TMO + LODD + mappings using BigOWLIM Matthias added small text snippets to methods and results section, will work on expanding these
7 add a figure detailing the overview types and relations Michel & Joanne Completed
8 add a figure detailing query #1 Chime Completed
9 add a paragraph detailing the mapping to CPR Eric P & Chime
10 extend the introduction with a paragraph about electronic health records ( + citations) PeterT & PeterK Confirmed
11 update the kb with new the patient RDF Michel Confirmed
12 modify queries, if necessary, to accommodate new patient data Eric P & Michel
13 come up with query that spans more, if not all, datasets Joanne & Michel (& maybe Jim too) also Qualify Research Use Case Unconfirmed
14 Related Work (BRIDG, among others) Jim McCusker Completed
15 eScience, post alalysis, and importance of metadata Scott, Joanne, (EricP editoral) Confirmed
16 Expand future direction regarding user interface with reference to other systems Elgar & Bosse Confirmed