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Teleconference Minutes




  • John Madden
  • Xiaoshu Wang
  • Michael Miller
  • Banu Gopalan
  • Vipul Kashyap

Agenda Items

  1. Discussion of the tasks, deliverables and timelines. Determine scope and classify tasks as in-scope and out of scope.
  2. Task leaders for in-scope tasks
  3. Representation for various tasks using the task templates provided by Tonya.
  4. Discussion of near term deliverables and tasks and next steps to achieve them
  5. Setting up wikis/pages to start collaboration on various tasks on the project proposal
  6. Any other discussion items.

Discussion minutes

  1. Xiaoshu suggested that definitions of what is an ontology from an engineering and pragmatic perspective should be provided. Exemplars of "ontology-like" artifacts should be enumerated for the HCLS community.

2. Xiaoshu suggested that the approach to blindly convert data sets into RDF may not be a good idea. It is better to identify why the conversion is happening and for what purpose. Also, the value addition in terms of what "new" semantics or knowledge is being added in the conversion should be explicated.

3. Michael Miller proposed that the role of ontologies is crucial in standardizing the annotations of experimental Data Sets. There are currently various ontologies such as MAGE-ML and OM and it is important to standardize the concepts that might be used to annotate these data sets.

4. Banu Gopal suggested that it is important to figure out how to map ontologies describing different things to each other, for instance mapping concepts in ontologies describing genomic knowledge to concepts in ontologies describing proteomics knowledge.

5. John Madden suggested that we create wiki pages for different tasks we are taking up in working group.

6. Vipul suggested that we should focus on one or two use cases that span the Bench to Bedside spectrum and use that as a framework to guide our efforts. Use case coordination with the Bio RDF group with Alan Ruttenberg was also discussed.

7. There was a discussion on whether Banu and Michael could participate in the activities of the working group. Michael's organization is a member of W3C I believe. Banu will work on getting her organization to join W3C and in the meanwhile we will see if she can participate as an invited expert.

Assigned Tasks


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