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Get a W3C account

In order to participate in W3C groups (and do some other actions), you must have a W3C account.

W3C Member accounts

Most portions of the W3C Web site are public. However, some mailing lists and some parts of the Web site are available only to people with "W3C Member access," which includes employees of Member organizations.

Disclosure of affiliations / conflict of interest policy

Individuals participating materially in W3C work must disclose significant relationships when those relationships might reasonably be perceived as creating a conflict of interest with the individual's role at W3C. These disclosures must be kept up-to-date as the individual's affiliations change and W3C membership evolves (since, for example, the individual might have a relationship with an organization that joins or leaves W3C).

Update your affiliation in your profile.


There are three qualities an individual is expected to demonstrate in order to participate in W3C:

  1. Technical competence in one's role
  2. The ability to act fairly
  3. Social competence in one's role

W3C is a growing and global community where participants choose to work together, and in that process experience differences in language, location, nationality, and experience. In such a diverse environment, misunderstandings and disagreements happen, which in most cases can be resolved informally. W3C also has: