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GeoVcard is the combination of Vcard information - in particular, more or less specific street addresses - and their geographical location, in particular their latitude and longitude.

nearby - GeoInfo, GeoProcess, EswWp3, RestaurantsInAddressbooks, RestaurantRecommendation, chump entry, some nearestAirport examples, Jo and Danbri's GeoOnion idea.

An example, originally in examples of marking up Geo info in RDF

'experimental' for various reasons - see IRC chat for 2003-04-07

21:21:49  <mortenf> re the worksIn examples: that's the region/point/accuracy problem right there, it seems from a point-based view that libby work in two distinct places...
21:22:06  <libby> yeah
21:22:17  <libby> but it works colloquially, like livesin
21:22:49  <libby> I dunno. I'm sortof happy with just nearestAirport, because the rest seems to be an (intersting) can of worms....
21:22:58  <mortenf> yep...
21:23:07  <mortenf> (for now)
21:24:00  <mortenf> that is, if we can't put correct/precise (for some definition...) data out there, we should make it really clear that it's not.

Perhaps linking the Spaces together in some containership or nearness relationship would make solve this difficulty.

Additionally this example is trying to represent a continuing or default relationship betweena person and a place through worksIn. Perhaps this is the wrong sort of thing to try to represent?

<rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf=""

<!-- some examples of more specific geographical descriptons. not checked 
as yet -->

 <foaf:mbox rdf:resource=""/>
 <foaf:workplaceHomepage rdf:resource=""/>
 <foaf:currentProjectHomepage rdf:resource=""/>

<!-- I work in bristol -->


<!-- I work in a specific building -->

    <space:name>8-10 Berkeley Square</space:name>


(To find the lat/long of your location try links on the GeoURL resources page. Western hemisphere longitudes and Southern hemisphere latitudes are negative.)

Good name for the page? not sure...vcard has lots of other information in it and street addresses are the focus here.

Nice idea, tho I wouldn't call it ***Vcard; rather, vcards can be generated from it. I'd rather to adopt (LinkMe) gk's addresses proposal for foaf than confuse things by invoking the vcard-in-rdf stuff. Unless we really want to revive it wholesale, which would be a major undertaking. imho etc. --DanBri