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Geoprocess....moving beyond static spatial info to spatio-temporal info.

These people are talking about it:

Are there any formal specs or drafts for it?

What does spatio-temporal RDF look like? er... what does spatio-temporal data look like presently? i.e. before we webize it?

Spatio-temporal data is usually stored as temporal slices of your average spatial dataset, e.g. if you had a property data set, you might have property data for each year

Scenario A - location based services over time: a person works as some form of service privider, working all over a certain city. Given their timetable for the week (i.e. a set of locations they need to be at certain times of the day over the week) find the best time to visit a dentist that is a part of their providers network which minimises the time spent traveling during that week.

Scenario B - searching for spatio-temporal data: as a researcher how do I find the spatio-temporal data I want that is distributed over the web given a specific spatial and temporal location and set of features.....if this data was within a larger dataset, the subset would have to be somehow recognizable within the larger spatial or temporal extent