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Notes from SWBPD meeting 2004-03-04

  • Supporting initiatives for publishing ontologies/vocabularies
    • Thesaurus Porting Method (FAO, AAT, Wordnet)
      • Internationalization
  • ontology conversion support
  • FAQs and how to do it guides
    • Design Patterns (part whole, defaults)
    • Style conditions (nameing, namespaces, uri, rdf:label usage)
    • RDF in XHTML
    • Ontology Design Issues (Backbone, principles)
    • Education (input Knowledge Web, translation, gaps)
    • World-view note (RDF/HTML, DLs, Frames)
  • Repository of tools and demos (see SemanticWebBestPracticesTaskForceOnApplicationsAndDemos )
    • Tools Page
    • Demos and applications
  • Links to related techniqes
    • Mpeg
    • link to UML
    • link to topic maps