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2nd session about social web, self-organized, at TPAC2012 .. initial ideas about how a W3C Workshop on Social Web might be organized, and/or who might like to help organize

Summary: we were a very small gathering and had a good chat; didn't get very far with Workshop planning.


  • Youngsun Ryu (Samsung)
  • Claudio Venezia (Telecom Italia)
  • Ann Bassetti (Boeing)


  • need use cases, to explain the importance of distributing the data stores, which will make the federated social web even more compelling
  • campaign should be: let's distribute data, federate identities
  • current situation: one has their data in "SocialNetwork1", which can be referenced from other places .. but SocialNetwork1 _owns_ that data ... if SocialNetwork1 chooses to change their formats or block your access, you lose all your references and data
  • European Union is introducing concept of 'social media' (there was more to this that the scribe did not catch)
  • there is the concept of 'social' in TVs now
    • Examples:
      • people chatting online while they both watch TV show
      • one person can watch media remotely that's in someone else's data store
  • Telecom industry is focused now on delivering lots of bandwidth to customers, which is largely used for social


  • other standard organizations are working on social web, might want to collaborate
    • OMA -- Youngsun's colleague is the chair; is very interested in this topic
    • OIPF (Open IPTV Forum)


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