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Ann Bassetti (after the TPAC2012 break-outs, after discussions with various people during breaks, and from what I have observed in previous years):

  • The large 'social' vendors aren't interested to standardize anything open, because THE value to their businesses is all the data they have collected about all their users
  • The independent social 'activists' are skeptical of the value of a workshop, (and perhaps of working in a WG or CG?) because they don't want to waste time writing papers and talking; they'd rather be hacking code and working in a rather small, local community
  • Several workshops and groups (incubator / community) groups have convened under the auspices of the W3C over last few years, yet it is still not clear that there is specific 'social' standards work to be done (beyond identity, privacy and linked data -- all which are being done in other W3C groups).
  • Hence, I'm not clear what value a new workshop would bring. I don't want the W3C community to spend the collective budget and energy, without having a clear value in mind.
  • I'm also concerned, if left to social vendors on their own and independent activists, that we may miss out on larger community inputs (especially including international folks and other industries)

I urge others to add their impressions...

(anyone have other impressions or thoughts?)

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