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This was the planning page for the 2019 AC meeting during TPAC2019, as part of the ongoing and regular AB/AC Meetings project.

Names indicate who is responsible for organizing the session, not necessarily the presenter.

Candidate topics

Things that need time 30+ minutes

  1. CEO report. Focus on State of the Union; point to key discussions elsewhere
    • Jeff
  2. Legal Entity update with LOTS of time to get AC feedback
    • Eric, Jeff
  3. Process 2020
    • Florian, Fantasai, David
    1. 'Continuous review and update' (aka Evergreen, Everblue, etc.) as applied to
      1. challenge of getting consensus on continuous review, get a sense of how important it is to provide an alternative to WHATWG
      2. Registries and how we propose to define and manage them
    2. Other updates (summary, detail if anything else significant)
  4. Process future: Director-less operation
    • Florian, David, (Jeff?)
    1. Challenges
    2. Expected timing?
    3. Process changes proposed: Role division (CEO, team, council, et al.)
    4. AC input on key questions such as Council and how to select it
  5. What's happening, highlights, and technical direction of the consortium
    1. Keynote from Jun (only possible on Thursday), min: 20 minutes max: 60 minutes, tentative title "Web on the Internet Civilization"
    2. Strategy funnel, what's coming down it
      • Wendy
    3. Web and advertising
      • Wendy?
    4. Web payments update, Rec. status etc.?
      • "How the world pays online: an update on the WPWG", Nick Telford-Reed, 15 minutes (Thursday preferred)

Lightning talks

  • Tink
  1. W3C/WHATWG Collaboration (possibly featuring members of the WHATWG SG)
  2. WoT
    • JJ will organize the session
    • Judy will provide a presentation on some new ideas

Short talks 10-15 mins

  1. Incubation
    • Chris Wilson
    1. how we do it in some cases: WICG update and process
    2. Dom's analysis
    3. how we balance between specifiction and rubber-stamping, two extremes
  2. Community
    1. Globalization and inclusion
      • Judy, 20 minutes (then calling for special sub-topics Leonie, Jay and Charles, Tzviya as available)
    2. updates to CEPC
      • An Qi Li

Final agenda

Agenda at final location.