AB/Candidate topics for AC 2020

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This was the planning page for the 2020 Spring AC meeting, as part of the ongoing and regular AB/AC Meetings project.

Confirmed items have moved to the AC2020 agenda page

New Paradigms in Privacy

Owner: Wendy and Ralph

time: 120 minutes


A detailed report on how technical headcount is assigned to WGs (core, industry, horizontal review, incubation, tools)

Owner: Jeff

time: 30 minutes

AB Update

Owner: chaals

Time: 45 minutes

  1. Present AB 2020 Priorities - 5 minutes
  2. AB panel responding to AC questions. It would help if these were provided in advance.

W3M Update

Owner: Jeff, CFO, BizDev

Time: 90 minutes

  1. CEO update
  2. Practice "board reports" by w3m
  3. W3M Panel (possible focus on WGs, getting things done in W3C)
  4. Financial report
  5. Evangelists and Chapters

Legal entity update

Owner: Chris and Eric

Time: 60 minutes

Process 2020

Owner: Florian and Dave

Time: 60 minutes (around a break)

  1. Ever*
  2. Registries
  3. Patent Policy
  4. Other Process stuff

Web advertising (holdover from Fukuoka)

Owner: Wendy

time: 0 minutes

(maybe 5 in new technology / lightning talks)

Revised CEPC, ombuds program

Owner: Tzviya

time: 15 minutes

TAG update

Owner: Jeff

time: 30 minutes

Technology updates

Owner: Judy, Tzviya

Time: 60 minutes

  • Lightning talks / New technical topics: WebRTC best practice, QUIC best practice, etc
    • WebRTC
    • QUIC (Alibaba person tbd)
    • AGWG (Jeanne Spellman? Shawn Henry?) on WCAG 2.1, 2.2, 2.3
    • China IG update
  • Demo sessions

And also Awards?

W3C in Asia (key work areas and technical directions)

Owner: MikeSmith Time: 20 minutes (more time needed?)

An overview of selected works areas for which the W3C membership and W3C staff in Asia are key drivers.

  • Immersive Web
  • Internationalization
    • CSS Writing Modes (including vertical text)
    • JLReq
    • CLReq
    • KLreq
  • Bullet Chat [though it sounds like W3C staff in Japan and China first need to do a lot more coordination on this internally and get our stories straight]
  • CSS Spatial Navigation

Discussion on W3C scope

Owner: Léonie (and maybe chaals will help)

time: 60 minutes

Some presentation of what we have done as part of the priority task, and discussion where the AC can argue amongst themselves to decide what they think

panel / keynote by outsiders

Owner: Léonie

No extra time, we move it to the topic

State of the web in Korea (suggestion by LG)

Owner: guest speaker

Time: 30 minutes


Owner: Avneesh

Time: 60 minutes

Objective: Communicate why well defined W3C strategy is so important at this time, present the direction of strategy development and collect the inputs from the community.

Web for All: how we fulfill that mission

Ask horizontal review groups for an example of meaningful input to a spec development. Consider example of Inclusive XR workshop. Then give overview of new tooling for review management and coordination.

(was "Security (and horizontal review)") Owner: Wendy

Time: 30 minutes

Browser perspective on the web

Owner: Jeff

Time: 90 minutes (provisional)

"Strategy" funnel / work pipeline

NB This was not discussed at the AB face to face, but posted to the AB mailing list afterward.

Owner: chaals

Likely speaker: Wendy

time: 45 minutes

Goal: Ensure the AC understands and can discuss the pipeline for future work with W3C management

Description: An overview of the funnel, and a look at how things do or don't move forward in a timely way from idea to actual Working Group. This should use real examples but not dive too deep, allowing plenty of time for the AC to raise and discuss questions on the items that interest them. It might be worth asking for written questions in advance, given that the funnel is available to everyone.

Internationalization update

Owner: Jeff

Likely speaker: Richard

Time: 30 minutes

Report on Sponsored program. See: https://www.w3.org/Member/wiki/Internationalization_Initiative_planning

Update on W3C website redesign

Owner: Coralie Mercier (talk)

Likely speaker(s): Coralie, Vivien

Time: TBD

Goal: Ensure the AC is aware of W3C redesign its website