Inspired by the pioneering work of the World Wide Web Foundation and the global ‘Web We Want’ campaign, Southbank Centre announces a major festival spanning Sep 2014 - May 2015 that looks at the extraordinary impact the web has had on individuals, governments and societies at large.

The ‘Web We Want’ festival is dedicated to the idea that the World Wide Web can empower people to bring about positive change both in their own life and in the lives of others. Launching in September this year, The ‘Web We Want’ festival asks how we can guarantee a free and open Web and how we as individuals can be free on the Web.

Southbank Centre explores the creativity and collaboration the Web has afforded and asks the big questions of how we can guarantee our privacy and our freedom from all kinds of tyranny online. For eight months across 2014-15, this ambitious programme of talks and debates, visual art, installations and performances will investigate and celebrate a quarter century of Tim Berners-Lee’s radical, transformative invention, asking how we can guarantee the ‘Web We Want’.

Read more in our blog post on the festival.

Southbank Centre, London, England

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