This section includes guides that will walk you through the various ways to contribute to the EPUBCheck project.

But first, let us thank you very much for willing to contribute! EPUBCheck is at heart a project made for the digital publishing community, and we’re welcoming any kind of contribution!

If you want to contribute but don’t know where to get started, there are many ways you could help: from reporting bugs, to writing documentation, test cases, or translating messages in your own langage… Check the following guides to learn how!

  • Filing an issue: learn how to report a bug or suggest a feature request by creating a new issue on GitHub
  • Building and Testing: setup a development environment and start building the code and running the test suite!
  • Writing Tests: write some new tests to enrich EPUBCheck’s test suite
  • Contributing Code: see how you can contribute code to EPUBCheck
  • Translating EPUBCheck: help your local community by localizing EPUBCheck to your own language